Quests Tab


The Quests tab allows you to view various quest walkthroughs that have been collected.

NOTE: Adding your own quests to EA Monster Bytes is as simple as opening the "questFiles" folder that is located in the same directory as the application itself, and placing your own textfile with the quest steps inside it. Just look at a quest file that has already been completed to pick up the formatting.

You can then use your new quest files to distribute among your clan, publish to the EA forums, or email them to me to be included in a future release.

NOTE: I will only be including the beginning quests, so while it would be nice to have the death gun and other high level quests included, I have made an executive decision to leave them out and not distribute them, as I know this has been a sticky subject in the past. But feel free to distribute your own quest files as you see fit.

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