Author - I go by plasticAiredale (and other pA initialed chars) in game, and this is my website.

I have created an application, EA Monster Bytes, that you can run along side your Endless Ages session. Since Endless Ages doesn't support extension/addons like other MMOs, this was my next best option.

What is EA Monster Bytes? - In a way you can think of EA Monster Bytes as a fansite in application form, as it provides walkthroughs for the beginning quests, crafting information, magic information, mob data, maps, weapon and armor data, and plenty more.

This program is completely free to use.

I have researched and recorded all of the information and pictures that are displayed in EA Monster Bytes, nothing got in without me verifying that they were correct at the time I tested. There may have been updates to the game I have yet to record, EA Monster Bytes is a work in progress, and will remain that way until there stops being changes made to the game itself.

Lets Get Started - Use the downloads link located in the leftside menu, and grab the latest copy of EA Monster Bytes. Once you have it installed on your system, check out the Quick Start section to get familiar with all that EA Monster Bytes has to offer, and how to go about using it.

I Noticed Something Wrong - Since Endless Ages is an active MMO where the developement is an ongoing process, there may be inconsistencies and just plain wrong data in EA Monster Bytes. Please report any such problems you find with the data or with EA Monster Bytes itself to me, plasticAiredale on the forums. Just PM me a message, and I will take note of your issue, and thank you for you input.

Latest News

New version released to update to new website. Check the Downloads page

» Feb 18, 2015

Re-upped the deleted downloads. Check the Downloads page

» Feb 21, 2012

New Release, and new EAMB Updater program available. Check the Downloads page

» Jan 16, 2010