Version 1.0.20150219

* Updated to use new website.

Version 1.0.20100116

* Increased server lookup timeout from .5 to 5 seconds when checking for latest version
* Added Mob HP
* Added Auto-Download ability for EAMB updater

* MOBS: Added Quadoty, Mad Negliks, Sub1, Skion, Insane Shockion
* MISC: Multiple buy/sell prices updated
* GUNS: Multiple updates to levels and stat requirements
* NOTES: Updated 'Race Differences' file
* ZONES: Added Boomtowm
* VEHICLES: Changed 'Jet Ski' to correct name of 'Hydro Craft', and updated it Warp Cell requirement
* VEHICLES: Updated all polycycles' super speed/flight durations.
* PLANTSMINERALS: Added Boomtown locations

* Added all missing screenshots

Version 1.0.20090118

* Modified the Image Border
* Slight UI modifications
* Added new "COLD" attack channel for swords to cover the new Ice Slayer/Sword

* GUNS: Added buy price for HM/HF/BL Sonic Mine Layers
* GUNS: Changed Sonic Mine Layers from Engineered to Store Bought
* GUNS: Changed BL Sonic Mine Layer from Level 12 to Level 13
* GUNS: updated icons for BL Wave-Snipe, HF Hellfire Sling, HM Nervourvinex
* GUNS: updated icons for BL Neronicle, BL Pulse Mortar, HM/HF/BL Sonic Mine Layer, BL Pulse Master
* GUNS: Updated some gun damages and fire rates.
* MISC: Added some amulets and rings, and Seeker Plasma
* MISC: Added and udpated various notes
* MISC: SS ORBS: Updated Crid resistances
* MOBS: Added Crition
* ARMOR: Added protections: For rest of armors.
* NOTES: Moved WHISPER to Active in the Commands Note
* ZONES: Modified "Sia Island" to "Sial Island", Updated Hasten, Elder Shockion, and Elite Shockion Locations
* MELEE: Update damage and channel info, and added new Ice Slayer.
* QUESTS: Fixed typos in various quests
* QUESTS: Added Crazed Smith quest for all races
* QUESTS: Added BL Wave-Snipe
* QUESTS: Finished the Shapeshifting quest (somehow that slipped through the cracks)
* VEHICLES: Flight times for BL Inf Blood Crid Wings, Classic SpaceJetPack, Classic KvcThrustPack
* VEHICLES: Flight times for HF Wings of Kruelogue, Wings of Strife
* VEHICLES: Flight times for HM Classic JetPack Jayston, Classic KvcThrustPack, Wings of Kruelogue
* VEHICLES: updated drop type for HM Jayston, HF Loftiernan, and BL SpaceJet
* VEHICLES: Added HM Jumpac, HF Vectrpac, BL Rocketpack, HF Classic Loftiernan, and HF KvxThrustPack
* VEHICLES: Added protections to all polycycles
* VEHICLES: Added info on BL Rocketpack - 01
* VEHICLES: Added additional information about the Bubble Sub
* VEHICLES: Changed "Hover Bike" to correct "Hovercraft"
* VEHICLES: Updated Polycyle -A flies status to YES
* PLANTSMINERALS: Updated puron locations

* Added AP Dual Soilaz -E, AP Dual Gustlaz -A
* Added BL JakkleBlaster, Pulse Master, StingLayzor, Wave-Snipe, Handflare Gun
* Added HF Nervourvinex, Sonic Mines Layer, Handflare Gun
* Added HM Ion Rephilion, Sonic Mines Layer, Handflare Gun
* Added BL Wispion Armor, BL Ataeus Armor, BL Metalskullmask, BL Boneskullmask
* Added HM Darius Armor
* Added HF Flight Armor, K-Shades
* Added BL Rocketpack -01, BL Classic KvcThrustPack, BL classic SpaceJetPack, BL Rocketpack
* Added HF Wings of Strife, HF Wings of Kruelogue, HF Vectrpac, HF Classic Loftiernan, HF KvxthrustPack
* Added HM Wings of Kruelogue, HM Classic KvcThrustPack, HM Classic JetPack Jayston, HM Jumpac
* Added AP Ice Slayer, RemerizanCloft, SectaliseshNim, Sword of Crom
* Added BL Mace of Crushing Gale, Ice Sword, ZiraelSlayer, Shrakken Blade
* Added Bl Karenaktna, Tsunami Axe
* Added HF Ice Slayer
* Added HM Visdron Shield & Mallet, Ice Slayer, ZiraelSlayer
* Added Crition
* Added Polycycle -A, Polycycle -F, Polycycle -N, Polycycle -E, Polycycle -Rl
* Updated: HM Netlauncher

Version 1.0.20081123

* MISC: Minor tweaks to vehicle display
* ABOUT: Added button to check website for new updates to the program and files.
* WEAPONS: Redid the display of guns that have mulitple shots (Tomshock Neo, Physus Rifle, etc.)

* Fixed typos/grammar in multiple files
* GUNS: Redid format to support the new display of guns with multiple shots.
* MOBS: Updated drop rates for Zeth
* HEALS: Added Cellulus HP
* ARMOR: Added BL protection levels 8 - 12, HM : 11 - 12, HF: 11 - 12
* NOTES: Added new abbreviations and commands.
* ZONES: Updated some mob locations (Nigon, Mad Kidion)
* PLANTS: Added more extractor info
* QUESTS: Added [BL], [HM], and [HF] Inspector License
* QUESTS: Added [BL] Shrakken Blade
* VEHICLES: Updated Familiar Levels
* VEHICLES: Flight Times for BL, HF, and HM - KvcThrustPack, BL SpaceJet, HM Wings of Strife
* VEHICLES: Flight Times for HM Inf Blood Crid Wings, AP - Wings of Strife

* Added AP OmseveNier
* Added AP Wings of Strife
* Added BL Arc Farion
* Added BL Guns up to Wave Snipe
* Added BL Swords levels 0 - 8
* Added BL Armor levels 6 - 12, Sonichornz
* Added BL KvcThrustPack
* Added HF Arc Farion
* Added HF Swords levels 0 - 8
* Added HF Heal Gun Small, Acid Dualshot, Ion Disrupter
* Added HF Impaler Gun, Plasma Snipe, Power Rifle, Physus Rifle
* Added HF Phision and Mulsaki Armor
* Added HF KvcThrustpack
* Added HM K-Shades, Heal Gun Small, Ion Disrupter
* Added HM Impaler Gun, Power Rifle, EphilisBlade Launcher
* Added HM Swords levels 0 - 8
* Added HM Pridio and Poldas Armor
* Added HM KvcthrustPack, Wings of Strife, Inf Blood Crid Wings

Version 1.0.20081105

* Added more support for regions other than "en-US" when displaying decimal places

Version 1.0.20081104

* Added initial support for regions other than "en-US" when displaying decimal places

* NOTES: Updated CommandList file
* GUNS: Updated Store Prices
* MOBS: Updated Locations (Flob, Shockion)
* MOBS: Updated Guab Fish damage from NORMAL to WATER
* QUESTS: Updated Rune NPCs
* MISC: Added All Gidions/Crests/Badges
* CRAFTS: ENG - Updated HF-Wavesnipe recipe, Added [HF] Plasma Snipe
* ARMOR: Updated BL Armor (Core, Cytomic,Cool Shades, Metal and Bone skull masks)

* Added: Labeled 4Falls overhead map
* Added: AP - Puron Armor
* Added: BL - Nordic Armor
* Added: BL - Infant Blood Crid Wings
* Added: BL - Chalisfocali Gun
* Added: HF - Hyperuzi_chalis
* Added: HF - KvcThrustPack
* Added: HM - Acid Dual Shot
* Added: HM - Physus Rifle
* Added: HM - Power Rifle Crom
* Added: HM - Sonic Mines Layer
* Added: HM - Ion Dualshot
* Added: HM - Rocket Launcher
* Added: HM - Hyperuzi_chalis
* Added: HM - Nervourvinex

Version 1.0.20081027

* Initial Release